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ing as an alarmist the physician should be a guarder

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Those having papers to present in this Section will kindly

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Light is communicated neither to the eye nor to the

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plied with an escape pipe and a safety escape to pre

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from seven States and Territories. The following prelude

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likely that this means of conveyance has effected its distri

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secretion undergoes in health and disease have been

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conditions of the pulse in yellow fever may be form

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lated. Now it is seen that electro magnetism underlies all

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tubes to L and L and this difference of levels between the

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posture alone will at times suffice to bring about a closure of

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line of torsion. I will mention one of them. The carotid

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The first two diseases studied by Pasteur in this way

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sions any change in the beat or frequency of his pulse when

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ties of recording observations on the pulse respira

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the absence of atmospheric concussion with other favorable

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history of this woman was one of the most classical that it has

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