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inherited diathesis consulted Dr. McWilliams October

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much less hopeful undertaking than the operation for strangulated

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its one sided character. On April th the kidney was

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point of deformity in the spine but apparently did not

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before the Society during the year by prominent men

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Catalogue of the Library of the Surgeon General s Office

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of surgery. Dr. Chiene believes in a fallow time in a

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pigment are appearing while old ones are disappearing

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The progress of medicine in the immediate future must

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The Training of Nurses for the Care of the Insane.

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losis. Inhalations of many substances have been tried

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entitled The Surgical Treatment of Surgical Kidney.

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rose colored spots and gurgling in the right iliac fossa

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the uterine arteries and the uterus. The uterine arteries

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than on observation. We however have had an opportunity of

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