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out. A preliminary operation was done and no sound bone

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were increased from four six months sessions and two com

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tainly favorable for the observation of any interchange that

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read the movements of the fluid in the semi circular canals

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powers that the world waited as I have said until it was

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branch wire in the electrical system of the lower diagram of

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had led an irregular eccentric life was addicted to the abuse

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nitrate. to for the prophylaxis of the ophthalmia of the

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One case on the eighth day of the disease had incontinence

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also noticed the same occurrence. He remarked however that the trans

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ease is not always stated in the cases recorded a rather im

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this method we can arrive at an approximately fair esti

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face is granular the lobules having pale centers and dark

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gency Hospital in which Dr. Leonard Bell the present resi

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to my mind presented subjective and objective symptoms

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the negative needle during the passage of the current. The

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presents startling evidence of considerable diagnostic

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can not be in the.horizontal meridian of the retina but is

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the firct quarter of the nineteenth century take this date as a

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respite. The region of the gall bladder was always more or

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or general without perforation by a simple ulcer of

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On the other hand the absence of these natural feel

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states that he has a slight tubercular deposit in the apex of

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can e.r cathedra say it will not be of benefit. He says that

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the true and logical one that man is or should be a

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accurate diagnosis is possible between the two affections.

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dignified formalities of induction into office and heard his

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The brain was generally normal but the entire substance was

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never imposed upon the surgeon that he should promise re

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