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Reglan Uses For Dogs

writer in the Brooklyn Eat le forcibly states the case
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recognition was accorded it. That it was a wise move the
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Pierson Allen Spencer Ind. Parke Davis amp Co. Detroit Mich
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Functional Diseases of the Penal Urinary and Eeproductive
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malignant six. In every case in which the remedy was used
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in their youth they were encouraged to face existing
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is closely allied to hematomaof the meninges pachy
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his claims of no memory of the act and cool indiffer
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We shall find among the officers of the company a surgeon
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advanced. A minority desire ultimately to profit tremen
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supported strength at convenient points say the extremi
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denced in unconsciousness loss of appetite and chilly
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James R. Cocke of Boston an Eclectic medicine man has
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the patient was removed to the infirmary and on the
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principle of life. But to prove it by demonstration
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March th. Died to day deriving no benefit from treat
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ination of Aast. Surgeons for promotion to convene in Washington
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from any special increase from or growth of the graft itself
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should be limited almost wholly to its action as an occasional purgative.

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