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I wish here particularly to mention a condition which

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Faonlty of Medicine of Vienna. In this winter s semester the

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vailing sound in stomach demonstrated the great curvature

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before labor set in I could not but feel that there was a

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The whole arrangement forms a most complete and indis

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imperfectly relieved by large doses of opiates. Her diges

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cularization arising from an abnormal union between the an

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the essential oils may also be used as many of them possess

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were observed in which the nervous system seemed to bear

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eminent authorities is that the anus should receive

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small intestines were first removed. They were in a healthy

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with foreskin and glans but hypospadic. The sulcus on the

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the right eye. Here and there through the retina was a

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eight robust and always in the enjoyment of good health. When seen

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as well as another still more extraordinary namely

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of primary lesions were marked. Secondary manifestations

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in the limits of Washington and Georgetown. A list of streets

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against a bureau then after moving a step or two fell across

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Dr. Baker presented the subject of the need for legisla

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that will not infrequently result in a gaping wound. In

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physical and chemical effects of electricity in order that he

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pair the efficiency of such a law by a degeneration

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of a National Board of Health or similar National instru

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ments of digestion even gastritis sometimes so frequently

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and coagula. The stomach was also filled with blood but was otherwise

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