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Alexander Forbes Claims Services

Alexander Forbes Claims Services 

Treating every claim as if it were our own
Our top priority when an allegation of negligence has been made is to ensure that our clients receive a service that runs smoothly and efficiently from start to finish. After all, the truest test of your insurance protection comes when a claim is made. That’s when you need a service that is as proficient as it is effective. Our claims handling service gives you just that, thanks to a professional, dedicated team. We also offer a tailored web-based claims service keeping you up to date 24 hours a day. So you not only get the right outcome, but also achieve it with the minimum of fuss.

Expertise you can count on
Our claims handling team is made up of some of the top specialists in the business with a market-acknowledged reputation for their negotiation skills. We operate a dedicated broking unit based in London - which is complemented by expertise throughout our regional network.

It’s a network that our clients access very much at a local level. As in all areas of our work, our approach is hands-on, rather than arms-length. So whether the claim is large or small, contentious or non-contentious, we make sure the process is smooth and the delivery swift. Above all, we put the emphasis on professional and reliable customer service – a surprisingly rare commodity in the industry, but one in which we take great pride. You’ll always be clearly informed of the latest developments and the advice we give will combine rigorous attention to detail with an appreciation of the wider business picture.

Although claims handling can sometimes be seen as a purely reactive process, that’s not the way we approach things here. We take great care not only in recording the relevant data, but also in interpreting it and feeding the results back into your overall risk management strategy. For example, if you work in a sector such as leisure or retail, where multiple small claims are fairly common, it’s important to identify where most claims are happening – and why. Our approach will give you the clear management information you need.

Trust us to deliver
The process of handling a claim through to resolution is full of potential pitfalls. Delays, errors and oversights can all add to the overall cost to your organisation. As your claims handling partner, we can steer you safely through that process – and give your business a competitive edge as a result.

A winning team
And it’s not just our clients who have noticed the benefits. The success of our service was endorsed at the 2003 Insurance Age Awards where our round-the-clock online claims handling service won Claims Initiative of the Year. Our highly experienced staff also won the prestigious Insurance Day Claims Team of the Year 2003 against stiff competition.

To find out more please contact us:

London office - Tim Phillips - 0207 933 2567
Bristol office - Tara Price - 0117 906 5055
Edinburgh office - Andrew Keen - 0131 313 9244

Winner - The Insurance Age Awards 2003



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